Snowmobile safaris

Snowmobile safaris at Loma-Vietonen

Over the hills

Safari through the beautiful nature in Sompanen berg, snowy trees and beautiful wievs to the lake Vietonen. Little picnic during the safari at the open fire.

Duration:    2 hours or 15-30 km

Price:          102 EUR/person 2 person/snowmobile

                 210 EUR/person 1 person/snowmobile

Children under 15 years -50% in a sledge.

On the lakes, by the open fire…

Feel the speed of snowmobiles and magical view of open and white lake areas. This trip includes lot of driving on the lakes, but partly also in the deep snowy forest.
After the exiting snowmobile safari you will have lunch in a beautiful wooden tepee in the reindeer area. While you enjoy the lunch, you can also follow the life of reindeers from the windows of the tepee. A great ending for a wonderful safari!

Duration:     3 hours, 40 km

Price:         164 EUR/person/ 2 person/ snowmobile

                   210 EUR/person/ 1 person/snowmobile

Children under 15 years -50% in a sledge.

Snowmobile safari to Arctic Snow Hotel

Experience the fun of driving snowmobiles and magnificent hotel built of snow and ice. We will start our journey driving with snowmobiles from Loma-Vietonen to Arctic Snow Hotel. Hot chocolate will be served in a pit stop in the nature. As soon as we reach the hotel we will have a lunch around open fire. After eating you have time to look around the beautiful snowy buildings. Warm sauna is waiting for us at Loma-Vietonen.

Duration:     7-8 hours

Price:          276 EUR/person, 2 person/snowmobile

                   337 EUR/person, 1 person/snowmobile

Safari is physically demanding. Only for adults.